We’re as happy as a puppy with two tails to report that the new version of our 529 Garage iOS app has just hit the iTunes store.

We think this is a big next step in the fight against the $400 million dollar bike theft problem: crowd-connected bike security.

With this update comes the ability to put out a stolen bike alert on any of your registered bikes, within minutes of realizing it’s been stolen, and to activate the 529 community near you to be on the look out. It’s like neighborhood watch for your bike.

How to Start a Stolen Bike Alert

Simply fire up the 529 Garage, find your registered bike, and press the alert button.

Answer a few quick questions about your bike and when and where it was stolen and we’ll let everyone in the nearby 529 community know, along with all the details to help them spot your bike. (You can always get Help by clicking on the little ? bubble at the bottom of the screen!)


Did your bike change, or did you manage to get a few more shots of your bike since you registered it? You can add more photos to your bike, if you have them on your camera roll, during the alert process.

Once you click Report Incident, we’ll get the word out on your missing bike, notifying those nearby you with the app. You can only send out alerts like this once per stolen bike (we don’t want to spam our community) , so try to add as much detail as you can before throwing the notify switch.

We’ll also immediately create a missing bike page viewable both from our app and our website. It’ll look something like this:


If someone in our posse sees your bike, they can snap a quick photo with the app and let you know. You can even keep your contact information completely private and still receive tips.

We’ll get your social networks on board too, with just a few clicks. And, the 529 Garage also automatically creates posters that you can place around town, all from your iOS device and AirPrint enabled printer.


Poster looking a little empty?

Be sure to fill out your bike details by selecting the bike in your garage and entering things like your bike’s year and color. Those details will be invaluable in helping people find your bike. As soon as you update the bike details, your missing bike page will be updated on both the website and the app. You can also go back and update any of your alert details, if you get more information, even after you’ve posted your alert.




Would you help a buddy find their stolen bike?

Check out the mobile Hot Sheet to view stolen bike alerts from a map view, and let other bike owners know if you’ve seen their ride. Be sure to approve Notifications and Location services so we can let you know when a nearby 529’er’s ride has been taken and you can lend a hand. Think of all that good karma. (and PDX people… be sure to check out our missing bike contest for a chance to win some cool schwag!)

Now, here’s the really important part: The more we join together to fight the problem of bike theft, the more successful we’ll be. We need your help to get your whole cycling community involved. Just think how much stronger we’d be if we had every cyclist in your town helping out! So be sure to tell your friends and family to register their bikes and to become a part of the community.

You can download the new version in the iTunes store now.

Once you do, be sure to register your bike, and send us some feedback on what you’d like to see us build next.

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