Access to the world’s most successful program to fight bike theft now available to every police department in New Zealand and British Columbia

Separate partnerships provide access to 10.2 million people VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA (Tuesday, April 30, 2024) – 529 Garage, the world’s largest program to fight bike theft, is now available to law enforcement agencies throughout the entire country of New Zealand and the Canadian province of British Columbia. These two separate funding partnerships will see members of the national police service… Read more →

World’s most successful program to fight bike theft now available to all police forces throughout British Columbia

Province of BC funds provincewide program originally started in Vancouver VANCOUVER, B.C. (Tuesday, April 30, 2024) – Project 529, with funding support from the Province of BC, is now available to all law enforcement agencies throughout British Columbia. Originally piloted with the Vancouver Police Department and now having expanded worldwide, the homegrown initiative has become the world’s most successful program… Read more →

Turning The Tide On Bicycle Theft – Two Three Bird Acquires Project 529

April 22, 2024—Seattle, WA: Today marks a significant stride in the battle against bicycle theft as global tech company Two Three Bird, an innovator in the micro-mobility sector, announces its acquisition of Project 529. This pivotal move heralds a new chapter in keeping cyclists riding. Originating from the visionary minds of Microsoft veterans J Allard and Lara Ferroni, Project 529… Read more →

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Know the Risks of Buying Stolen Bikes

Picture this: Late one evening, you find yourself tucked away in a cozy corner, bathed in the gentle glow of your laptop. You’re scrolling through page after page of used bikes on Facebook Marketplace. Suddenly, your heart skips a beat—a bike catches your eye. It’s the model you’ve always dreamed of, lightly used, and it’s even cheaper than you’d hoped!… Read more →

10 Questions with 7 from

Online marketplaces such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp may make it easy to clear out the clutter,  but they come with a serious darkside: they are a haven for selling stolen property, especially stolen bikes. We’ve been trying to get online marketplaces to take action on this for years (even gathering over 50,000 signatures on a petition to Craigslist… Read more →

Granville Island’s Operation Rudy Slashes Bicycle Thefts

Program cuts bike theft by 60 per cent on Granville Island, encouraging two-wheeled traffic Vancouver, BC (September 22, 2016) – The broad-based partnership program Operation Rudy, established to cut down bicycle theft on Granville Island, has had stunning results. The multi-faceted program has reduced bike thefts on the Island by 60 per cent over the summer months with an astounding… Read more →

April Updates

529 Campus Edition Did you know over 50% of all college cyclists will lose a bike to theft during their 4 years? Our university pilot programs are ramping up for biking season. Over the next few weeks, we’re rolling out student and faculty bike registrations programs for 3 new Oregon campuses including the University of Oregon, Oregon College of Oriental… Read more →

ABUS Mobile Security LLC and Project 529 Join Forces to Engineer the Future of Bike Security

(Chicago, IL) April 16th, 2015. In an era of increasing concerns over bike theft, ABUS Mobile Security, LLC and Project 529™ are joining forces to combat the growing epidemic of stolen bicycles. The partnership between ABUS, the world leader in mobile security, and Project 529, a Portland, OR based cycling software start-up is a marriage made of manufacturing innovation and… Read more →