Product Updates

529 Garage Surpasses 1 Million Bikes

529 Garage surpasses one million searchable bicycles worldwide

World’s largest bike database program spreading throughout North America, transforming the way police fight bike theft SEATTLE, WA, July 24, 2019 – 529 Garage has surpassed one million searchable bicycles worldwide, locking in its status as the world’s largest bike registration program. More than 1,400 law enforcement, city, university and bike shop partners have now signed on throughout North America,… Read more →

Announcing 529 Garage 1.0

We’re as happy as a puppy with two tails to report that the new version of our 529 Garage iOS app has just hit the iTunes store. We think this is a big next step in the fight against the $400 million dollar bike theft problem: crowd-connected bike security. With this update comes the ability to put out a stolen bike alert on any of… Read more →