Cost Sharing Agreement Aifa

by lobo September 15, 2021  

In assessing the effectiveness of MEAS, it is necessary to take into account their administrative costs. Until June 2012, the MEAs were managed by a non-profit consortium of 68 italian universities and 3 institutions [7]. AIFA has invited companies to pay this supplier a royalty each year for each product under an MEA, including implementation and maintenance for the first year, and then only for the latter from the following year. According to an informal request we made to three companies on four products, the fees ranged from €30,000 to €60,000 for the first year, then halved for the following years. It is likely that these differences were due to the complexity and potential volume of the forms, although no information was provided on the criteria for setting these fees. Conditional reimbursement of medicines is a means by which national health systems grant reimbursement for new high-cost medicines through restrictive formulas. . . .

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