The first step in protecting yourself in the event of bike theft is registering your serial number, along with other identifying details. The problem for many people is they don’t know where to find the serial number on their bike. We’ve put together a handy reference to help you locate the most likely placement of your serial number, regardless of what style of bike you have.

The vast majority of bikes will put the serial number under the bottom bracket. You’ll need to flip the bike over to look for it.

serial number on bottom bracket

The serial number will be embossed in the frame in most cases, but there may be a sticker as well. You might want a flashlight to help you read the embossement.

What if it’s not there?

There are less common but still frequently used areas to check for a serial number. They are:

  • On the down tube just above the cranks
  • On the rear stays, which hold your rear wheel
  • On top of the crank
  • Under your top tube
  • On the headset

serial number locations on bike frame

What if I can’t find a serial number?

Unfortunately, some bikes simply don’t have serial numbers. That’s where the Project 529 Registration Kit Shield comes in handy. For just a few dollars you can serialize your bike with a unique code, affixing a tamper-proof, permanent sticker. We prefer to call them “shields” because they are a sign of protection, whereas a sticker is unlikely to be permanent or tamper-resistant.

Our shields act as a deterrent for bike theft because our registration and recovery service lets cyclists send an alert out to the network in the area a bike was stolen. That alert activates hundreds—or possibly thousands—of fellow cyclists who can then keep their eyes peeled for your bike. If you do decide to purchase a shield for your bike, remember that’s just the first step in registering in our 529 Garage. You’ll still need to add descriptions of and/or photos of the bike in order to get the ultimate protection for your investment.

Registration kits are available in single and 4-packs for multiple bikes. To order yours, click here.

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