If you’ve logged into your garage recently*, you’ll see that we’ve added a new feature: a lock level icon that let’s you know how many of the recommended bike details you’ve added to your registration. Let’s take a look at what the levels mean using our automatic missing poster feature.




At the basic lock level, you’ve done the hard part: you’ve taken the first steps to documenting your bike. You’ve captured 30% of the details we recommend you record about your bike. You may have all the information that law enforcement or your insurance company needs, but why take chances? If your bike is stolen and you want the help of the local 529 community and your social networks, you’ll quickly realize you don’t have the information you need to make it easy to spot.


Keep on going!



At this level, you have at least 60% of the detail and photos of your bike. If your bike is ever stolen, you’ll be in pretty good shape to quickly create a simple alert and enlist the 529 community and your social networks to keep an eye out, and to submit your insurance claim and police report. But if you add just a few more photos and details, you are more likely to help someone help you recover it, and get the full coverage from any claims you need to file.


You are almost there, so don’t stop now!



You are gold! You’ve added all the detail and photos that law enforcement and insurance companies have recommended to us that you capture. If your bike is ever stolen, you’ll be in the best shape to enlist the 529 community to keep an eye out, and to submit your insurance claim and police report.




Level up your registration with a 529 Shield. Our tamper-resistant stickers have a unique ID for your bike to add an extra identifier and a warning to bike thieves to back off. If law enforcement or an unknowing buyer finds a shield on your bike, they’ll be able to look your bike up on the 529 Garage and quickly get your bike back to you. (We’ve seen it happen!)


If you are a member of a participating 529 university, building or club, pick one up directly through them. Otherwise, we offer shields for purchase in our Bike Registration kits in our online shop.

* Right now, you’ll see the Lock Level feature on our website. You’ll also see it in the next update to the 529 Garage iOS app, which is currently awaiting review from Apple.

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