Thanks to everyone who has supported our cause to urge Craigslist and eBay to require serial numbers on used bike sales. In 6 months, we had over 20,000 people sign the petition.

Even more importantly, as we’ve spread the word of this issue, we lit the fuse to get more people thinking about and talking about bike theft, and how we as a community can make a difference.

Instead of closing down the petition, as we had intended when we started, we’ve decided to give it a new life, to see if we get even more involvement from the cycling community and industry to really rally the troops. We are now aiming for 50,000 signatures by the end of November 2014. The more voices join us, the greater the impact we can have.

You can find the petition here on the Care2 website where we’ve been joined by People for Bikes, SF Safe, BTA, Bike Index, Ride with GPS and and more in our cause.

If you’ve already signed the petition, awesome. Your support has been reflected in the overall numbers. Don’t worry. We didn’t change the petition or share your contact information. We’ve just started the new petition count where we left off.

If you haven’t signed yet, why not head over now and give it a read and a sign.


UPDATE: Wow, what a great response. Since posting on Care2, we’ve had an additional 2000 signatures in about a day. Keep ’em coming!

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