Manitoba Provincial Parks Lease Agreement

by lobo April 10, 2021  

Whiteshell Cottagers Association Inc. is committed to maintaining open and comprehensive communication of the above objectives with the provincial park associations whose signatories have implemented the agreement. “We are particularly pleased that the [Minister of Conservation] has taken this step to ensure that the tradition of family winemaking in provincial parks remains affordable for Manitobans,” the WCA said in a statement. Provincial parks should not be a permanent residence for a privileged few, but a place where everyone can live nature and protect nature. Property taxes are calculated on a value in portions of the real estate tax. The Landesbewertungsgesetz regulates the distribution of market value with residential real estate that is taxed at 45% of the market value valuation. Therefore, a market value valuation of US$150,000 would pay taxes on a portion value of US$67,500. “We have listened to the Whiteshell Cottagers Association and other groups in this regard and are pleased to announce that we will freeze onshore rents until the new assessment system is in place,” the province said in a statement Monday. But in an email sent Wednesday, Mr. Guillemard said their department had held discussions with cabin owners to explore ways to seize ownership of their rented cottage properties.

Stephens attributed the rent break to the work of people connected to the WCA. “The peculiarity of our large parks, where there are huts, is that they are an untouched piece of nature and are explicitly exploited to remain a piece of nature.” It is interesting to note that if the MSRP would not cover service charges in a year`s time, then a draw on general provincial revenues could be made to balance the account. The Crown rent contributes significantly to overall sales and is available to compensate for potential MSRP deficits. Unfortunately, government interpretations of the income received by the owners do not recognize the contributions of the Crown tenancy. “As the government explores all avenues for a fairer model, it is important to note that the province will always retain judicial oversight of all provincial parks.” But on Christmas Eve, the province agreed to set the Crown`s lease rates until 2016, until a new agreement could be reached.

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