We wrapped the petition up last Tuesday with the final tally coming in at…


…supporters asking eBay and Craigslist to require serial numbers on bike listings. Whoa, that’s sounds like a lot. Just how big is 51,203?

  • Printed single spaced, the list would be as tall as the Statue of Liberty… standing on top of the Seattle Space Needle!
  • Our supporters outnumber game 7 of the World Series ticket holders by 10,668.
  • In miles, 51,203 would be more than two laps around the planet!
  • When printing your names double sided, single spaced, you weigh in at over 7 pounds!
  • You also represent about 7.5x the number of supporters of the Zack Brown Potato Salad Internet phenomenon  


Hey, it’s not like this is the Declaration of Independence, but we’re thrilled by the support that the community has put into this effort. When we started the petition back at The Sea Otter Classic (having never done a petition before) we set the “crazy” goal of getting 20,000 signatures. When it was clear we were going to hit that, we upped the goal to 50,000 having no idea if that was possible.

Well, it was and for that we say THANK YOU.  All that said, this effort has never really been about a “number” – the focus has always been around educating and motivating Craigslist and eBay to adopt this sensible requirement to help protect the cycling community.

In thinking about how we would present it to the two companies, we agreed on three principles:

  1. It is important to honor the efforts and passion from the individuals and organizations that helped make it possible
  2. Our communication to the companies must be professional in tone and must not be used as a tool for negative publicity
  3. That we need to grab the attention of the executives and attempt convey the passion of 50,000+ cyclists in a physical manifestation

The 529 gang at HQ with the final petition before sending off to eBay and Craigslist.

…and of course we live in Portland. So, we came up with the idea of crafting a wooden binder with the petition text (slightly modified for the two companies) and the signatures of the team at 529 laser etched on the cover. 


ADX here in Portland were our partners in crime on the amazing laser-etched cover. Thanks guys!

We also included a cover letter giving a little more context and a selection of write-in comments from supporters (about 5 pages worth). 

Side by side, ready for shipping.

It was a little extra work, but work that we felt was an appropriate and fun way to celebrate the passion of everyone that supported the effort. We packed them up and shipped them out last week via FedEx to the two CEOs and dropped a courtesy note to their PR teams explaining that we wouldn’t publicize its completion and delivery until today so that they might be prepared for any questions.

14 pounds of frustration and passion from 50k+ cyclists.

14 pounds of frustration and passion from 50k+ cyclists.

Once again, thank you everyone for lending your voice to this important effort (see: How We Got Over 50,000 Signatures on our First Petition Ever). We’re optimistic that the volume of supporters and the way that we have gone about this will be positively received. Of course, we will let you know as soon as we hear word back from the organizations.

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