Pilgrimage to the Most Infamous Road Ride in the Pacific Northwest

by J Allard July 12, 2014   Event Announcements

Project 529 brought out multiple bike registration stations to the halfway point in Centralia this past weekend for the 35th annual Cascade Bicycle Club’s Seattle to Portland (STP) ride. It was thrilling to see so many dedicated riders on so many beautiful machines.


With the help of some awesome volunteers, we offered valet bike parking and registration services for the quick-break day-trippers and the overnight campers alike. We also collected a bunch of signatures for our petition to demand that Craigslist and Ebay require serial numbers to sell bicycles online.


A big thanks to the Centralia Police Department and Centralia College for their adept efforts and their mighty hospitality. Those guys are rock stars!


The 529 crew eagerly registered bikes well into the wee hours of the morning to ensure that participant’s bikes were securely registered before their bright and early 100 mile descent into Portland.





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