In the name of solidarity with our fellow cyclists, with hit the streets again, this time at the Providence Bridge Pedal. A playful gathering of about 18,000 riders from all creeds of cycle-preference. Where city officials and police department alike organize to lay out an open track that weaves and carves through the city for over 30 miles and crosses all ten bridges in the Portland metro area. Depending on your pleasure (and caloric intake for the day) you can cross the Sellwood, Ross Island, Marquam, Hawthorne, Morrison, Burnside, Steel, Broadway, Fremont, and St. Johns bridge all in one morning. They were each (fully or partly) closed to automotive traffic for the *better* part of the day, allowing for quite the fun and relaxing bicycle tour of our City of Roses.

bridge pedal 2014-190

We wanted to be one of the first people to congratulate the riders at the finish line and to tell them about how easily they can register their bike and join the fight against bike theft. We offered a contest to win a shiny new set of Zipp 30 wheels and a new program to help remind new users to register their bike as an additional entry to the contest.

bridge pedal 2014-192

We were so happy to be a part of the cheerful Bridge Pedal scene, and to share what we are doing with so many new faces.

bridge pedal 2014-194

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