How would you train to ride your bike on a 100 mile course at over two miles high in altitude? We went to the Leadville Trail 100 MTB in Colorado to see if we could find out. And as a congratulatory gesture to the 1800 brave athletes who attend, we hooked each and every one of them up with a 529 Shield for their bikes.


It’s an unusual style race, going out and back; starting and finishing in downtown Leadville. So, as you shred your way through the toughest MTB race in the world, gaining a combined 11,000 feet of altitude, on top of the already 10,000+ feet you are already on, you get to pass by virtually all of your competitors, for an exhilarating exchange of wild-eyed, teeth gritting grins. The highest point of the trail, right at the midpoint is about 12,600 feet. Now that’s a Rocky Mountain high!


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