Have You Seen Our Bike?

by Lara July 11, 2014   Event Announcements

Oh no! Project 529’s sweet, sweet ride has gone missing…  And we want the help of our community to find it.


Update 7/27: Our little pink Schwinn back safe and sound at 529 HQ thanks to tips from the community! But, we’re still playing, now with little pink’s big brother, a shiny yellow Huffy commuter. Check it out, and spot the bike, and be entered to win some great prizes!





Bicycle theft is an epidemic, and it’s time we, as a community, come together to squelch it’s free reign. That’s why we developed the 529 Garage website and app: to enable local cyclists to work together to help spot stolen bikes and get them back to their rightful owners.

To kick things off, we’ve put together a scavenger hunt to show off a little of what our service can do, so keep your eyes peeled for our missing bike for a chance to win some t-shirts, hats and more!

Start by checking out the Missing Bike Report on the 529 Garage website or download the 529 Garage iPhone app* and find the “Official Contest Bike” on our Hot Sheet, where you’ll find a few tips about where our bike may have ended up.

Once you spot our missing bike around town, use the website or app to send us a tip. Be sure to include your email address, the Project 529 Shield ID #, and a photo of our discovered bike so we can reward you if you win**. All three must be included to be considered an eligible entry.

The first person to send a tip (as well as 5 more randomly selected entries) will receive a reward of bike registration kits, ‘bike thieves suck’ Ts, 529 Garage hats, or other choice items from our war-on-bike-thieves stash.

Help us grow our anti-bike theft brigade and may the best detectives win!

*The required version of our iPhone app is currently awaiting Apple’s approval for the app store. In the meantime, you can participate on our website. We’ll make a big announcement when the new iPhone version is available and ready to play with, but you can download the current version and register your own bike today.
**By submitting a tip with your email address, you give us permission to contact you if you are a winner. We won’t automatically add you to our mailing list… but we hope you sign up for our service, register your own bikes and become a part of the 529 Community!