South Australian Government Wages Parity (Weekly Paid) Enterprise Agreement

by lobo April 12, 2021  

Formal negotiations for a new enterprise agreement (known as Enterprise Bargaining) began in February 2020. This agreement includes a number of employee groups, including health, store and printing staff. . Submissions outline (modified as additional appendix) (PDF) . Salaries Parity Enterprise Bargaining: Salaried Employees General Meeting South Australian Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement: Weekly Paid 2017 General Meeting Federation of Community Legal Centres (Victoria) Inc New South Wales Government (Minister for Finance – Services) Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia . . ILO Resolution on promoting gender equality, pay equity and maternity protection (PDF). Presentation – Report (Profiling non-Government Community Service Organisations in NSW) (PDF) . Requalification and Dismissal Commission (RRR) and RRR subcommittee and public sector amending regulations 2015. Request for The Creation of Documents, etc., will be set aside (PDF) National Persons with Disabilities and Caregivers Council General Recommendations of the Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (PDF) Your type of salary is used to determine when your salary documents are filed and when you are paid The Public Sector Office (PSPO) is conducting negotiations, since it is the head of the Division of the Prime Minister and the public sector employees.

For more information on the status of negotiations on the new agreement, please visit the Public Sector Office website. . The National Pay Equity Coalition and the Women`s Electoral Lobby . Communication on the intention to negotiate enterprise agreements The following documents apply to agencies and staff members who are covered by the following response to the NSW government`s final submission (PDF) (Minister of Finance and Services). Deposit – Health and Community Services Workforce Council Inc Enterprise Agreement 2009 (PDF) Check your balances in HR21 before submitting a termination, retirement or permanent transfer. Queensland Community Services Employers` Association Australian Financial Counselling – Credit Reform Association Australian Municipal, Administrative, Clerical and Services Union and Others .

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