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by lobo October 8, 2021  

2.1.2 a non-transferable, non-exclusive and free license for the use of the event logos and trademarks (the “Event Marks”) that are made available to you in accordance with clause 4.3, solely to promote your sponsorship of the event, Yes, If the local sponsor has not signed the association/service agent contract and has notarized it with the Notary Public, full payment is refundable. After reviewing the law with respect to the NSA or ancillary agreements, we looked at how the UAE courts have dealt with the matter. The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation ruled (in Civil Appeal 30 of 2015) that a UAE national is not entitled to claim profits from the company if he has voluntarily sold his shares in the company. The Court found that the sale of shares would be contrary to the company law of the United Arab Emirates and to public policy prevailing in the country. Therefore, we can say that the Dubai Court of Cassation has made it clear that the only way to prove something in contradiction with the MOA is to document the ancillary agreement in writing. It should be noted that it is always certain to rely on ancillary agreements, since the courts recognize them to the extent that they are written There are a number of different sponsorship agreements and each of them is unique, so it is better to consult a lawyer to understand its conditions. Depending on the business activity and sponsor you choose, the annual AED sponsorship is 6,000. Is my company safe if I have a sponsor from the UAE? Although the general intent of contract law is that an ancillary agreement creates legally enforceable rights and obligations and has the same force as the underlying main contract. But this is by no means guaranteed. In some cases, courts have challenged the validity of an ancillary agreement and found that an ancillary agreement had nothing more than a moral effect. Therefore, ancillary agreements (usually between two parties) should be carefully crafted. Ancillary agreements are often used in commercial contracts, especially in the context of financial or real estate transactions. An ancillary agreement is usually in the form of a letter signed by the signatories of the main contract.

For an ancillary agreement to become binding, it must meet the same standard as all contracts, i.e. there should be an offer, acceptance, consideration, security and the intention to establish a legal relationship. An ancillary agreement is a contract for which consideration (payment, in any form, of the contract) must be provided. The consideration condition is the most important of an ancillary agreement and must not be monetary; it can only be a mutual benefit. It is important to note that in the absence of a benefit or payment, an ancillary agreement can only become legally binding if it is executed as an instrument, which means that it must indicate that the ancillary agreement is an act and that the signatures of the party must be attested. Given the legal scenario, foreign investors have resorted to ancillary structures to retain their controlling financial shares in their UAE companies. It is therefore common in the United Arab Emirates for shareholders to execute Nominee Shareholder Agreements (NSA) or Side Agreements between the parties. Under the NSA, a UAE national agrees to waive all rights nominally held by the LLC, rights such as dividends, voting at general meetings, and gaining the proceeds from the sale of shares. In short, the NSA`s provisions circumvent UAE corporate law. Nsa or tacit agreement prevents the UAE majority shareholder from participating in LLC`s operations, making the foreign partner the sole beneficiary and decision-maker of the company.

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