Excitement was high and injuries were low during the Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day on Oct. 4th, at King County’s Duthie Hill bike park, where about 200 riders under the age of 16 were in attendance, plus their parents. We had such a blast seeing so many younger riders getting a chance to shred the trails without all those intimidating adults in the way.


Nice button, Lucy!

Big thanks to the IMBA, International Mountain Biking Association, for helping to grow this event. We love their philosophy on bolstering the TAKMBD:

“Besides being good, healthy fun, the goal is to develop a connection between kids and the natural world around them. Today’s children are tomorrow’s land managers and politicians — future decision-makers for important matters like recreation and access to public lands. How different might our current access landscape look today if previous generations of policy makers had grown up riding bikes on natural-surface trails?”


We brought enthusiasm, coffee and donuts, and free bike registrations to all who were interested. We had help from some awesome youngsters who wanted to get in on the bike registering action, and we met with their parents to let them know about how to secure their family’s bikes.



The 529 Legion riding team was also out in full color, supporting the event and encouraging the young riders.


Do you take your kid mountain bike riding? We’d love to hear about it. In the comments, tell us about your favorite kid-friendly trail.

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