Tc Collective Bargaining Agreement

by lobo April 12, 2021  

Other groups, such as the FS group, which is represented by PAFSO, received different targeted measures to meet their specific needs, but the total value of these specific improvements was about 1% during the four years of their agreements. The negotiating partner`s proposal significantly changes the purpose of this payslip, which is currently limited to railway investigators and railway inspectors with certain qualifications. Again, the negotiating partner wants to extend eligibility without clear justification or justification. A four-year agreement would allow the parties to more fully implement the changes negotiated during this round. It would also be a better opportunity to stabilize the compensation system before the next collective agreement is implemented. The employer argues that during the last round of negotiations, a finalable allowance was increased for GT and EC employees with naval certification, in order to reduce the specific recruitment and engagement pressure with a senior position within GCC. The language that the PSAC wants to remove was only introduced in the last round of negotiations. The employer believes that the parties should allow more time to properly determine whether they are causing problems before requesting changes or improvements. By negotiating in good faith, the Canadian government has concluded 34 agreements during this round of negotiations, involving more than 65,000 federal public service employees. These include 17 agreements with 11 bargaining agents representing CPA workers and 17 agreements with four bargaining agents representing workers working in separate agencies, such as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the National Research Council (NRC) and the National Film Board (NFB).

The employer proposes to repeat the same improvements or equivalent improvements for members of the TC bargaining unit, which would provide for a fair and reasonable collective agreement. The evidence presented in this letter does not indicate that the TC Group receives more than the model established in the 34 agreements reached during this round of negotiations. The employer argues that the current provision by which a worker files a cash or vacation leave claim and files it for employer approval is appropriate and consistent with other collective agreements. This allows the employer to take into account the requirements of the company and the organization.

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