Vienna Agreement In Hindi

by lobo April 14, 2021  

3. Other States grant the same freedom and protection for the transmission of official correspondence and other official communications, including signals or messages in the air, as provided by the host state. They grant non-ephemeral letters and non-ephemeral protections to diplomatic porters who have obtained passports or visas when such visas are required, as well as to diplomatic bags that are being transported, as the host state is required to do. (h) “private bailiff,” a person who is in the home service of a member of the mission and is not an employee of the sender state; 1. The diplomatic representative is free from the criminal jurisdiction of the recipient state. It will also be exempt from civil and administrative jurisdiction, except under the following conditions:- 2. When a person`s work is terminated with privileges and immunities, these privileges and immunities normally end when they leave the country or end at the end of the reasonable period of time necessary for that purpose, but they continue even when the state of armed conflict occurs. Immunity continues to be granted by such a person if he or she follows his or her actions as a member of the mission. India | Wednesday 17 July 2019 09:21 PM This is the diplomatic victory of India and the defeat of Pakistan in the case of Indian citizen Kulbhushan Jadhav, imprisoned in Pakistan.

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