When Was 12 Point Agreement Held

by lobo October 15, 2021  

Bhattarai`s strategy has worked so far; she presented the party as a major player in the country`s politics. President Prachanda and Bhattarai appear to disagree with the strategy of the other senior leader Mohan Vaidya alias Kiran. The two leaders agree to strengthen the newly established democratic republic instead of immediately implementing a people`s republic. [Citation required] They agree that the coming years will be a “decade of economic revolution” that will change the country`s economic profile. The relationship fell into crisis when Prachanda`s Bhattarai did not get the second position in government. [Citation required] But he seems to have calmed down after Bhattarai accepted Prachanda`s decision. [Citation required] In a statement, UNSMIL called on the UN Security Council to swiftly adopt a binding resolution on the implementation of the in October, the provisions of the ceasefire agreement signed in Geneva were adopted. There was an eight-point agreement between the government and the Maoist rebels. After talks with the prime minister, Prachanda told the media that peace talks were progressing despite setbacks in the past. The rebel leader`s public appearance caused a stir in Nepal. The Maoist leader affirmed that understanding would give Nepal a new political direction. Prachanda said the deal was “historic” and said Nepal would soon be transformed into a republic after the Constituent Assembly elections. He was the first Prime Minister of Nepal after the abolition of the monarchy.

“The objective is to consolidate the ceasefire and make progress in setting up various committees to speed up the agreements” in view of the broader meeting to be held on the 9th of the year. November is planned in Tunisia, according to UN sources seen by the EFE news agency. “Qatar and Turkey were the only countries to stand by Libya in its crisis, especially when Haftar`s troops were on the outskirts of Tripoli,” he said, stressing the importance of continuous communication between brothers and friends, especially at the current stage, noting that his visit to Qatar was preceded by visits by Libyan foreign and interior ministers. and that the Libyan Minister of Defense will travel to Doha next week. On 22 November 2005, Prachanda and the Seven-Party Alliance issued a “twelve-point agreement” which expressed the areas of agreement between the CPN(M) and the parties that had won a large majority in the last parliamentary elections in 1999. Among other things, this document noted that the dictatorial monarchy of King Gyanendra was the main obstacle to progress in Nepal. She further affirmed that the Maoists were committed to human rights and freedom of the press, as well as to a multi-party system of government. He promised self-criticism and the intention of the Maoists and the Seven Parties not to repeat the mistakes of the past. [22] As part of the peace talks between the Libyan warring parties taking place on Libyan territory, the 5+5 Joint Military Committee reached a 12-point agreement on the implementation of a permanent ceasefire in Libya between the Government of National Accord (GNA) led by Fayez Sarraj and the National Liberation Army (LRA), led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. .

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