Zelle Terms Of Agreement

by lobo October 18, 2021  

The registration and use of the Cellular Services is subject to the separate terms of the Cellular Network User Service Agreement, as amended from time to time. You understand that your financial institution may become a network financial institution at any time during the term of this Service Agreement and that you may have the option to continue as a user in the Zelle Mobile Application and/or use the Service through the Network Financial Institution`s online website or mobile application. Subject to the terms of any agreement between Zelle and your financial institution, Zelle will provide you with additional notice and instructions regarding continued access to Zelle`s mobile app and service, as well as instructions on how to register with your financial institution. Unless otherwise specified in this Addendum, terms defined in the OAA shall have the same meanings in this Addendum. In addition, in this Addendum: Where appropriate, we may invoke exceptions to the provisions of this Section, which are dealt with in Rule E. All terms in this section that are not defined in this addendum but are defined in Rule E have the meaning specified in Rule E. You represent that (a) you are at least 18 years of age (or under the age of 18 and are logging into your account and/or a debit card issued by a networked financial institution that allows you to use Zelle in accordance with the terms of your agreement with that financial institution), (b) you are authorized to authorize debits and credits to the registered bank account; and, if applicable, (c) you are the authorized holder of the registered debit card. You agree that these Terms affect interstate commerce. Accordingly, the Federal Arbitration Act and the Federal Arbitration Act govern this Arbitration Agreement and govern its interpretation and application (notwithstanding the choice of law provision in Article 25 above). By registering to use the Service or by allowing others to whom you have delegated to act, use or access the Service on your behalf, you agree to the terms of this Service Agreement.

Subject to applicable law, Zelle may modify or modify this Service Agreement (including all applicable fees and service fees) from time to time in its sole discretion by posting the updated Terms in Zelle`s mobile application and on zellepay.com (each individually or collectively referred to as the “Site”). .

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