Win a REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket from Proviz Sports

Enter to win a REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket from Proviz Sports! To reflect on a stand-out year at Project 529 we have teamed up with Proviz, the world’s #1 high-viz sports brand. The premium British brand is renowned for style, innovation and quality and has the largest range of specialist enhanced visibility & reflective sports products on the market. To enter, go to the… Read more →

Vancouver Police Media Event – Monday 10/29/18

Vancouver recognized as global leader in fighting bike theft VANCOUVER, B.C. (Friday, Oct. 26, 2018) – Members of the media are invited to this important announcement that will detail how Vancouver has been recognized as a global leader in fighting bike thefts. Vancouver Police Department’s Deputy Chief Howard Chow will make a presentation revealing the latest advancements. He will be… Read more →

Help Support Interscholastic Cycling.

We love to see kids on bikes, which is why we’ve partnered up with NICA, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. This amazing organization develops middle and high school mountain biking programs across the country and has over 5,000 student athletes participating. From rider camps and races to coaching licensing programs, NICA helps spark a lifelong love of cycling. NICA leagues do not receive tax-based government funds and… Read more →

Take a Bike Out of Crime: Phase 2

When you’re in college, there is nothing more time-efficient, cost-effective, and just plain fun than to ride your bike as your main form of transportation, to and from classes. So imagine how it must feel (or how it felt) to rise one day, only to find your favorite mode of transportation gone. What do you do? What network is in place… Read more →

Saddle Up for the Soon-To-Be Worst Kept Secret in Idaho

Raffling off another new set of squeaky clean Zipp 202 wheels, we joined the festivities at an exciting up-and-coming ATB event called Rebecca’s Private Idaho. Also, known as the “Queen of Pain,” world renowned cycling champion Rebecca Rusch (frontline, center in red, below) puts on this challenging and scenic 90+ mile race out of Ketchum, Idaho. Rebecca leads the race as well… Read more →